Na das freut uns aber sehr, wieder ein Award mehr, wenn’s läuft dann läuft’s!!!

After months of research by our dedicated in-house research team, Hotel Garni Weinquadrat has been acknowledged as a winner of the LUX “Hotel & Spa” awards, 2016.
LUX magazine launched the “Hotel & Spa” awards to showcase the businesses that are establishing themselves as a major part in shaping the future of what is a fiercely competitive, highly lucrative and ever-evolving global industry. We believe that Hotel Garni Weinquadrat are one of the best in the business, and deserve recognition for the success you’ve had over the past year.
In an industry where delivering that unique experience, the perfect plate, the flawless escape is everything, Lux celebrates the paragons, the trend-setters, and the innovators in hospitality; those that truly standout in one of the world’s oldest professions.
We are looking to work with only the most enterprising, and quality-focused companies for which creating unforgettable experiences through a dedication to peerless customer service, innovation and expertise in hospitality.

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